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Excellent Employment Services employment service, the best maid agency in Singapore and trusted Maid Agency in Singapore, is all about providing reliable maid for home care needs. We believe that every employer is unique, so we work to understand them. We listen, ask questions in order to get to know our clients’ and their ‘Why’ of engaging domestic helpers. From there and working with partners, we source for the best matching candidate to assist their family. Excellent Employment Services helpers are trained to be sensitive to employers’ needs.


Inspired on being the best maid agency Singapore, we offer effective placement with dedicated customer care to guarantee excellent domestic helpers for our clients. Foreign helpers and domestic clients diverge in culture and background; hence we work to bridge them for a successful relationship.


As a licensed trusted Maid Agency in Singapore, our role as an agent includes preparing travel documents and helping future employees with their entry to the country. After they have settled down and gone through proper training, we will then start to help them find employers who need their skills respectively. For instance, some households require a domestic worker that knows how to cook and is good with kids, so we’ll make arrangements in order to match them to their employers. We have successfully found the right domestic workers for countless employers who are very happy with our services.


Excellent Employment Services guarantees high-quality service when it comes to the employment of overseas workers, therefore you can rest assured that you will obtain satisfactory service from us.


We will also provide on the job training before we hand over the helpers to our employer. Some of the helpers are first time come to Singapore. Even those helpers have experience in Singapore before, different household will have different expectation and situation. We will provide briefing and training to our helpers to minimize culture shock and smooth transition.


We aim to help our helper to fulfil their duty, or even more. So long the helper is still under our employers’ employment, we commit Excellent Employment Services will give our full support to you, because we Care about you.


Excellent Employment Services is the leader and provides domestic assistant to the clients and the employers. It is the only top maid agency in Singapore source which provides a maximum number of suppliers and workers in Singapore. It encourages training in the household chores and fulfils the expectations with smoother development.